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Caroline Bullock has been actively painting for over 20 years. Her work is included in multiple private and corporate collections worldwide. In Atlanta, she is represented by one of the Southeast's leading art galleries, Spalding Nix Fine Art. She also enjoys working directly with designers and collectors to create custom commissioned pieces or licensed imagery for a broad range of art programs.  

Selected Collections

High Museum of Art, Atlanta GA

The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
Alston & Bird, New York, NY 
Wells Real Estate Funds, Atlanta, GA 
Cousins Properties, Atlanta, GA 
Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta, GA
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Hilton Hotels and Resorts
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Marriott International 

Norwegian Cruise Lines 
Ritz-Carlton Hotels  and Resorts
Westin Hotels and Resorts 


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA


The work I make is a visual record of my human attempt to understand the universe. Philosophical and scientific questions about the nature of reality and impermanence play a key role in all that I create. I am intrigued by the unseen and subterranean and what happens at the subatomic level. The natural world, specifically the plant world, is a constant source of inspiration for my work. It teaches me about balance, seasonality, courage and endurance, and the interdependence of all things.


Psychic Garden

Inspired by Chinese philosophy, my art embodies the interplay of Yin and Yang. Energetic, colorful pieces reflect yang energy, akin to spring and summer, while black botanical works capture the yin aspect, mirroring fall and winter dormancy. Cyanotype serves as a backdrop, symbolizing time and place. The final paintings aim to illustrate balance, juxtaposing precise cyanotypes with a non-linear painting process, symbolizing the microcosmic and macrocosmic vision of the universe. The hope is for the art to witness and teach the essence of reality.

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