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Original Fine Art and Commissions


Caroline's body of work displays a comfort with and mastery of a wide range of sizes and media. Her current works are mixed media: cyanotype, gouache and watercolor on paper. She loves to work with clients on commissioned paintings, incorporating the clients desired dimensions and unique references seamlessly into her signature style.


Please contact the studio here to inquire about existing inventory or custom sizes and commission possibilities.




Caroline's work has been licensed and reproduced for numerous commercial properties worldwide. Non-exclusive Licensing Agreements can be arranged for single prints, as well as for multiples such as suites and large quantity projects such as guestrooms. She can create unique artwork for your project, or a selection can be made from the large number of high resolution files available.


Please contact the studio here for pricing.


Payment Terms


50% deposit to start with the remaining balance due within 30 days of delivery of artwork.


Projects totaling less than $1,000: Payment in full upon release of hi-res files.

Projects totaling more than $1,000: Net 30 upon release of hi-res files.

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